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Selangie, AKA @sel.xo on Instagram, built an entire fashion empire from the comfort of her New York City home while still in her 20’s. 

Some of Sel’s most iconic pieces are the teeniest of bikinis – ranging from all different colors, typically with a metallic finish that makes anyone who where them a stand-out-stunner in the crowd. 

Although, teeny bikinis are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this gal. Selangie has styled and designed for clients all over NYC and also the globe. Today, she is one of the city’s most talked about fashion influencers and up-and-coming designers. 

Follow her on Instagram: @sel.xo

Anna Pepe is the founder of Wrrk Mama, a tech startup company empowering females. Anna’s core mission is to uplift others. She uses her skills and experience in business, entrepreneurship, fitness, and mindset transformation to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Wrrk Mama is just one outlet for her to share and uplift women especially, who are often overlooked in business, due to it being a male-dominated industry.

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VSCO Girls Don’t Actually Exist – It’s All A Part Of A Conspiracy?



You’ve heard of the term’VSCO Girls’ , right? You probably have, especially if you go on the internet often.. But if you haven’t, here’s a short definition for you to feast your ‘lil eyes upon 🙂

So now that you know what a VSCO Girl is…

Let’s talk about how the term ‘VSCO Girl’ was coined.

It’s quite peculiar… because…

No one really knows.

Well, until now.

What D’Angelo Wallace has discovered, is that the term ‘VSCO Girl’ was most likely inserted into the main stream media by none other than…


As a part of a bigger plot, to expand and grow their company…

What better way to grow your company than to create a viral trend/stereotype/slang word attached to it?😏

In this below video, D’Angelo Wallace breaks down just exactly how and why the term and stereotype came about, and how it was inserted allegedly by VSCO themselves into the mainstream media.

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Leonie Hanne’s Best Summer ’19 Looks



Source: Youtube, Leonie Hanne

Leonie Hanne is a famous German model and fashion influencer with 2 Million followers, who travels the world, constantly working in different locations globally with her boyfriend, Alex, who is an incredible photographer.

Leonie owns and created the famous blog Ohh Couture, an Haute Couture hub.

Here’s her best looks from this summer!

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Fall 2019 Mood Board



Source: Pinterest

Here is Wrrk Mama’s Fall/Autumn 2019 (and first ever) Mood Board!

Sooo.. What’s a ‘mood board’ anyways?

A Mood Board is essentially a collection of pieces and pictures, used to evoke a certain style, or a particular concept.

Our Fall 2019 Mood Board’s theme is…. *drum roll please*…

Jungle Fever!

The Jungle Fever concept is bringing back animal prints this fall. Animal prints are now being redefined and used in luxury street wear and even high fashion this season. Let’s take a look at Wrrk Mama’s first official mood board!

Check out Bella Hadid’s purse in this photo above! Livingggg for how it compliments her fit!

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