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All The Fall ‘Fits You NEED To Know About



Valeria Lipovetsky shows you alllllll the outfits that are on trend this fall.

Valeria showcases outfits for all occasions – Business, Events, Dates, Casual looks and more.

Check out her video for a full list of all of the pieces she showcased!

Source: Youtube, Valeria Lipovetsky

Anna Pepe is the founder of Wrrk Mama, a tech startup company empowering females. Anna’s core mission is to uplift others. She uses her skills and experience in business, entrepreneurship, fitness, and mindset transformation to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Wrrk Mama is just one outlet for her to share and uplift women especially, who are often overlooked in business, due to it being a male-dominated industry.

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Alexa Peavey Is Bringing Body Positivity To The Fashion Industry



Memphis, Tennessee native Alexa Peavey, is a true living and breathing inspiration. Alexa now resides in Philadelphia, PA while majoring in Public Relations at Temple University. Alexa is a fashion genius, with an uber-creative eye for styling and aesthetics.

Alexa first interned for Philadelphia Fashion Week, in their marketing and pr department, but now is an employee for Philadelphia Fashion Week PR + Events – a new PR firm that the founders of Philadelphia Fashion Week created. At PFW PR + Events, Alexa helps with social media management, image consulting, press coordination, marketing material, and event planning.

“It has been honestly a dream come true to work with such amazing people. The PFW family is truly one of kind and I couldn’t ask for a better experience or job. I’ve met so many stylists, designers, and creatives while being with PFW. I also had the opportunity to meet Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week, and hear her speak about the fashion industry.”

“Ever since I was a child I loved fashion and was fascinated by the industry. When I was in kindergarten for career day I dressed up as a diva in all black, a feather boa, and large sunglasses and that’s where my passion and dream began.”

“I struggled as a child and teenager because I was always taller and bigger than most girls my age so it was often hard for me to find clothes in my size that were in trend for my age. I often had to shop in the women’s department because I was taller and curvier. I let my passion for fashion die out because I felt like since I wasn’t meeting a beauty standard for my age.

One day something clicked in me and I thought why would I want to dress like everyone else? Why would I compare myself and style to other girls whose styles weren’t who I was? I started dressing like I wanted and being my authentic self, and that’s when I realized my dream and end goal in life.”

“Which is – to own my own clothing boutique and help girls and women find clothes for every body type! I also want to donate a percentage of my sales to local middle and high schools girls that live below the poverty level and need clothing. Clothing lets you express your personality and who you are as a person. I want girls to be able to be true to themselves and feel beautiful. Every girl and women deserves that opportunity. 

Now in my life, I embrace my differences and unique style. I love bright colors and bold patterns. I absolutely love being a curvy woman and hopefully can be a role model for young girls.”

Alexa hopes to get more involved with styling shoots and/or personal styling in general in the near future. With her amazing creative eye for fashion, we’re sure someone will snatch her up and hire her as a stylist!

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Leonie Hanne’s Best Summer ’19 Looks



Source: Youtube, Leonie Hanne

Leonie Hanne is a famous German model and fashion influencer with 2 Million followers, who travels the world, constantly working in different locations globally with her boyfriend, Alex, who is an incredible photographer.

Leonie owns and created the famous blog Ohh Couture, an Haute Couture hub.

Here’s her best looks from this summer!

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Fall 2019 Mood Board



Source: Pinterest

Here is Wrrk Mama’s Fall/Autumn 2019 (and first ever) Mood Board!

Sooo.. What’s a ‘mood board’ anyways?

A Mood Board is essentially a collection of pieces and pictures, used to evoke a certain style, or a particular concept.

Our Fall 2019 Mood Board’s theme is…. *drum roll please*…

Jungle Fever!

The Jungle Fever concept is bringing back animal prints this fall. Animal prints are now being redefined and used in luxury street wear and even high fashion this season. Let’s take a look at Wrrk Mama’s first official mood board!

Check out Bella Hadid’s purse in this photo above! Livingggg for how it compliments her fit!

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