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Wrrk Mama stands for women, loving and supporting other women. ‘Wrrk Mama’ is a phrase, such as “get it girl!”, “go ahead babe!”, or “killing it girl!” 

Wrrk Mama was created to showcase women who are killing it in their category (fashion, music, business, art, etc) – but to especially showcase women who are killing it in business! 

As you’ve probably noticed, the business world is pretty dominated by men. Women in business are often surrounded by the majority of men. That’s another reason that inspired the birth of Wrrk Mama – To create a space where like-minded women can come together and share their visions and their stories. 

Wrrk Mama specializes in creating the perfect influencer authority blog for the modern-day influencer, that is attractive, and works beautifully across all platforms. The Wrrk Mama Team are experts in creating the most easy to use, sexy, and secure blogs for the most engaging influencers.